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Cars To Watch Bonham’s Scottsdale 2017

Bonham’s, one of the world’s oldest and most distinguished auction houses, is bringing no less than their best to this year’s Scottsdale sale. Their docket covers all colors of the automotive spectrum, from pre-war racers to modern supercars.

Scottsdale 2017 Auction Itinerary

Every January, Arizona’s dry, salt-free climate brings automotive enthusiasts from around the world to Scottsdale for a week of shows, auctions, and seminars. As the first major event on the collector car calendar, Scottsdale showcases a quality of cars rarely seen off of a concours green.

New Model Perspective Mclaren 570gt

McLaren becomes the latest sports car marque to offer an “everyday supercar” with its new 570GT. Although McLaren does not use the term “supercar” for models in its Sports Series, which now includes the 570GT, it does claim “supercar performance.”

New Model Perspective 2017 Ford Gt

The 2017 Ford GT is a close sibling to the car that won at Le Mans this year. From its carbon fiber tub and bodywork to pushrod suspension, the Ford GT leaves no doubt about its track lineage. The design, while thoroughly modern in terms of aerodynamic science, draws a stylistic line back to the 1966 Le Mans winner.

Newmp 2017porsche718

Naming a road car for a classic racecar would, for some marques, be a risky proposition. You probably won’t find too many objections, however, to Porsche’s putting the “718” badge on its redesigned Boxster and Cayman models.

New Model Perspective Lamborghini Huracán Lp 580 2

Why is Lamborghini turning back the clock with the rear-wheel drive Huracán LP 580-2? A simple answer might be to reduce weight (by 73 pounds) or price (by about $38,000), or to provide a more purist driving experience. The truth is all those, plus something else: to give this road rocket the joy of easily accessible oversteer.


In spring 2016, BMW introduced a new two-seat track eater cleverly disguised as a midsize coupe: the M4 GTS. Why an M4 has only two seats offers your first clue about the GTS’ mission: instead of a back seat, there’s a factory-installed roll cage. There’s a fire extinguisher, too.

Newmp Porsche911r

Porsche did not need to build the 911 R, which it unveiled at the Geneva Motor show. It is a gift to the purists – or at least their memory – who would not let the 911 die in the 1980s. The profit on the 991 cars to be built, while certainly not pfennigs, is going to be small compared to a fleet of Panameras

Newmp Ferrarigtc4lusso

While Ferrari calls the GTC4Lusso a “new four seater,” it is of course the revamped FF, the marque’s all-season GT and its first car with all-wheel drive. The FF proved that a properly equipped high-speed GT could do what most drivers use a luxury SUV to do, only much faster.

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