Types of Financing

You should explore all your financing options, including leasing.

Purchasing an exotic, vintage or luxury vehicle is an important financial decision.

Car Loans:

Available through banks and private lenders – car loans can vary widely, in terms of interest rates and duration. Some lenders are more familiar than others with the values of exotic and vintage cars.

Traditional Closed-End Leasing:

Offered by most car manufacturers – is based on a rental concept. You pay an upfront fee and monthly payments for a fixed period of time. Additionally, there are mileage limitations; hefty penalties for early termination; and the vehicle is eventually returned.

Specialty Open-End Leasing:

Our business here at Premier – is far more customized and flexible than traditional leasing. Our PFS Simple Lease is designed for serious car enthusiasts and collectors who want to drive more car for their money, to end their lease easily at any time, and to enjoy a high level of customer service from their lease provider.

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