Model Perspective: Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

Lease a Mercedes AMG

Most car enthusiasts see through the veil of the “concept car” label put on what they know to be lightly disguised pre-production models. It’s always appreciated when the intro comes with a dose of honesty, as the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept did when revealed at the Geneva Auto Show this past March.

Day at the Museum: Blackhawk Automotive Museum

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Unique vehicles in an art gallery-like setting.
Danville, CA, about an hour’s drive from San Francisco, is not the most convenient locations for a classic car museum, yet the quality of the Blackhawk Automotive Museum’s exhibits, unique design and other area attractions make it worth the trip. The museum draws about 85,000 visitors a year, and there’s even a popular Cars…

Osborne Files: A New Alfa, 31 Years Later

Lease a Giulia Ti

The Vesuvio Gray Giulia TI Sport I was driving quickly cast a spell over me as had not been the case with so many other contemporary cars. It was clear that it was both capable and characterful, but not with the kind of ‘quirky’ character that Italian cars can sometimes possess. That and the fact that it attracted an amazing amount of attention wherever I went sealed the deal.

Model Masterpiece: Iso Grifo

Leasing a Iso Grifo GL Series II

The Grifo was a rarity, with 402 built from 1964-1974 in several versions. The car was actually the first of that series and the show car for that year’s Turin Auto Show. And to think, it all began with a little bubble car …