The Simple Lease

Easy to get into. Easy to be in. And easy to get out of. It’s that simple.

The PFS Simple Lease:

  • Has flexible terms, tailored to your situation and needs
  • Can be used to acquire any new or previously owned car valued over $75,000
  • Enables you to acquire any car purchased from a dealer, a private party, or at an auction.

Here’s how the Simple Lease works:

Upfront, we agree on a lease-end residual value for your car. Your lease payments are based on the difference between the amount financed and that residual value.

When your lease expires, you have four options:

  • Pay the residual value and own the car
  • Sell the car privately, pay the residual value, and keep any difference
  • Trade the car in, the dealer pays the residual value, and you keep any difference
  • Refinance the residual value through a new lease without a large cash outlay, and continue to own the car

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