The PFS Simple Lease

It’s called the Simple Lease for a reason.

The Simple Lease is structured for speed. Throughout the life of the lease, from origination to termination and renewal, Premier makes it as easy as possible for your customers to:
  • Acquire a car from you
  • Change cars whenever they want
  • Terminate their lease at any time
  • Move into a new car through your dealership

Here’s how it works.

Lease Quoting:
  • Whenever you need a quote, call our Sales Support Team.
  • Contact your PFS Regional Sales Manager for access to our online quoting 24/7.
Lease Application:
  • When your customer is ready to apply, he can use our secure website or submit a lease application through Dealertrack®.
  • Customer applications are processed as soon as they are received.
  • Conditional approvals are typically issued within hours. Your PFS Regional Sales Manager will work closely with you to ensure a fast, smooth transaction.
Finalize Lease Contracts:
  • Once approved, and with documentation completed, we’ll provide the lease contract for electronic signature to your client. If you prefer, we’ll email the contract to you, so your customer can sign at delivery.
  • As soon as we have the signed contract and essential documents (title, insurance, odometer statement, etc.), we’ll expedite funding for your dealership. Wiring of funds is available.
Customer Communication:
  • Your PFS Regional Sales Manager will keep you connected with your customer over the life of their lease.
  • Importantly, we contact you immediately when we receive a payoff request from your customer.

Ready to get started?