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Premier Builds Businesses

Since 1997, Premier Financial Services has been the nation’s leading lessor for vintage, exotic, highline and luxury vehicles. Customer service and personal attention is the hallmark of our business and that extends to our dealers as well as our lessees. We consider any vehicle over $50,000 regardless of age, including classic, vintage, exotic, luxury, and race cars.

The PFS Simple Lease

The PFS Simple Lease is your valuable tool for selling cars. By providing your customers with an alternate option for luxury car financing, you can service customers on both sides of the spectrum—those who switch cars frequently, and those who want to own their vehicle at the end of the term.

How Premier Works for You

Premier Financial Services helps you acquire new customers and retain current customers by offering the following benefits:

Quick Turn Around Time

Conditional approvals are usually issued within several hours.

Expedited Lease Documents

We provide e-contracts to your dealership or directly to your customer.

Fast Funding

Upon receipt of executed contracts, dealer documents, and a properly endorsed certificate of insurance, Premier will expedite payment to your dealership.

Early Termination Options

We offer the ability to terminate a lease early without the penalties typically associated with leasing, making it easier for you to sell your customer their next vehicle.

The PFS Advantage

We are not in the business of buying and selling cars, but we are in the business of helping your customers own the cars they want with the flexibility and benefits of leasing.

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