Dealer FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from our dealers. We’re happy to address any additional questions you might have.


How does Premier set industry standards?
We have established an unmatched reputation for integrity, financial transparency, accountability and customer service. Dealers who work with us know that we are an honest, reliable and trustworthy business partner. In terms of business culture, we are known for sense of urgency, follow-through and consistency in responding to all communications.
What type of clientele does Premier serve?

Our clients are High Net Worth individuals, and most are successful professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners. They are sophisticated, serious car enthusiasts. For many of them, cars are much more than a means of transportation. They appreciate automotive excellence, frequently change vehicles, and many own several cars at the same time. Premier has created a concierge level of service that anticipates and addresses their every need.

Is Premier on Dealertrack®?

Yes, Premier Financial Services is on Dealertrack®. You can streamline the application process by submitting through Dealertrack®, the nation’s #1 dealer-based financing tool. We provide the best of both worlds: the speed and ease of Dealertrack,® combined with the service excellence of Premier.

How does Premier rank in customer service?

With 24/7 service from our Regional Sales Managers in the field and a world-class team of specialists in our corporate office, we can rightly claim to have the best customer service in the industry. All your needs, and your customer’s satisfaction will be addressed, most often beyond your expectations; throughout the duration of the lease, not just at inception. Contact us directly for references.

What do I need to know about quoting with Premier?

Quoting with PFS is a customized process. Simply request a quote by phone, email or online and we’ll provide a reliable quote within minutes. All quotes are delivered in writing via email.

What do I need to know about contracting with Premier?

Contracting with Premier can be conducted electronically through DocuSign®. If physical signatures are required, you can print the lease from your desktop and have your customer sign at your dealership.

Does Premier have financing limits?

Leasing is available on all new and used vehicles financing over $75,000. Premier specializes in contemporary exotics and vintage motorcars ranging from pre-war collectibles to just-released models of every marque.

How will leasing affect a client’s credit?

We recognize the importance of client confidentiality and therefore Premier does not report to outside credit agencies.

What does Premier mean by full disclosure?

Premier provides full financial disclosure with completely transparent lease terms. All quotes and leases include an amortization schedule detailing the pay-off, month-by-month. This enables dealers to maintain trust and long-term relationships with their customers. Payoff notifications to your dealership over the life of the lease allow you to optimize every sales opportunity and assist your customers with acquisition of their next car.

What is an amortization schedule, and why is it important?

An amortization schedule is a detailed accounting of principal and interest, showing the current balance after each payment is received. This is a core benefit of every PFS Simple Lease, and demonstrates to your customers that there are no hidden fees or end of lease surprises that may compromise your relationship with them.

What’s the difference between a simple interest payoff and an interest rebate?

It’s important to understand that all payoffs are not created equal. Your customers should understand that:

  • Traditional “closed end” leasing requires all future payments to be made, without any discount
  • An “interest rebate” reduces the payoff by a portion of the interest that has not accrued, resulting in full profit for the leasing company
  • Premier’s Simple Lease uses a more favorable early termination formula based on simple interest. This results in a lower payoff, making it easier for your customer to move into their next car. Early Termination means that Premier foregoes future profit so that your dealership can deliver more cars.
How does Premier handle out-of-state transactions?

Premier can facilitate leases anywhere in the United States, and provides DMV-related services in all 50 states. When your customer is from another state, Premier processes all tag and titling paperwork. Once complete, we overnight the plate and registration directly to your client.