How We Help Dealers

Dealers continue to work with us because:

  • Exotic, vintage and luxury car owners typically change cars every 2 – 3 years
  • Our Simple Lease makes it easy for your customers to change or add cars
  • Our funding and trade-in processes are streamlined for efficiency
  • Complete transparency means no surprises for you or your customer
  • We always let dealers know when a customer requests a payoff
  • Premier’s concierge service builds your customer’s loyalty

Need references? We’ll be happy to put you in touch with dealers we’ve been honored to work with since 1997.

The Simple Lease: Customers love it.

With our Simple Lease, your customers can:
  • Drive more car for their money
  • Terminate their lease at any time
  • Switch cars whenever they wish
  • Benefit from potential tax savings

Our competitive lease terms, unrivaled financial transparency, and the industry’s highest level of service will keep your customers happy.

And that keeps them coming back to you.

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