VINwiki “Best Sports Car” Series Features Chris Warren (Again)


There’s no doubt that $250k can buy some fantastic dream cars. This VINWiki video has some great examples, including one from our Southeast Sales Manager, Chris Warren. Instead of dreaming, listen to Ed Bolian’s detailed explanation at the end of this video, to learn how you can put any one of these supercars in your driveway. Then give us a call, to see how we can help.

PFS and Lotus Cars USA Announce Exclusive Leasing Partnership

Premier is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with Lotus Cars USA. For the first time, this provides a factory-sponsored program that allows Americans to lease the 2020 Lotus Evora GT, which Car & Driver magazine has described as a “special machine for the hard core” car enthusiast.

My Favorite Drive: Ed Bolian of VINwiki

Ed Bolian of VINwiki shares his favorite drive near Atlanta, GA. Before hosting VINwiki, he worked at a Lamborghini dealership, where he took clients out on drives in their exotic vehicles in the North Georgia Mountains. This helped to build friendships, business partnerships, and love for the cars.


At Premier, we have always “Been In This Together.” Our employees are our most important asset, especially now when we are all working from home. We are all here to help you.

Automotive Legends: Stirling Moss 1929-2020

Lease a Maserati

Sir Stirling Moss was one of the sport’s greatest competitors. Moss won over 40% of the races he competed in, totaling a winning number of 212 races. He won the 1955 Mille Miglie and many races in Formula 1, all before the age of 32.