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Roads & Rallies 2018 Texas 1000 – West Of The Pecos

There are so few roads in scarcely-populated West Texas that we can’t do an event there every year without repeating parts of the route. So every five years or so, after we’ve all forgotten the route details, we shift Texas 1000 from the picturesque Hill Country of Central Texas to the monumental landscape West of the Pecos.

R&r Twistedsisters

The Twisted Sisters are three undulating roads that meander through the heart of Texas hill country, completely free of hair metal, makeup, or football pads. Unless you’re into that stuff. Also known as the Three Sisters, Ranch Road 335, 336, and 337a form a roughly 100 mile loop that boasts the perfect mix of unspoiled vistas and craggy canyons.


Located at the La Torretta Resort on Lake Conroe, the Texas Concours d’Elegance subscribes to the ideal of showcasing the world’s finest examples of automotive art and engineering. Besides over 200 classic automobiles lining the manicured fairway, the concours weekend promises picturesque scenery and fine dining featuring Texas hospitality.


Though Houston is plagued by heavy rain and flooding, just minutes away there exists an ocean-side destination untouched by the foul weather. For two decades the Keels & Wheels vintage car and boat Concours d’Elegance has been providing a world-class marine and automotive showcase in Texas.


Usually, we hold our Texas event in November, when it’s still warm and sunny but there’s not much going on in the rest of the U.S. vintage car world. This year, knowing that the famous Hill Country spring wild flowers would be especially brilliant thanks to El Nino winter rains, we scheduled our Texas Bluebonnets for April 3 through April 8.

R&r Vintagerallies2016

Join Vintage Rallies in 2016 and drive superb roads in the Texas Hill Country, Adirondacks and Great Smoky Mountains. Experience grand hotels, plus avant garde resorts. Our friendly group of enthusiasts frequent gourmet restaurants, fascinating places to visit, and private collections not open to the public.