Roads & Rallies: Twisted Sisters

Tour Texas the Right Way

Start: Medina, Texas, just outside of San Antonio.

Finish Line: The loop ends in Leake, Texas.

Length: Around 100 miles.

Not to Miss: The crisp, spring-fed Frio River.  A scenic stop for pictures, or just to cool off.

Driver’s Note: Sections of the highway are free range cattle areas, so watch out!

Three Sisters road stretching ahead in Texas

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The Hundred Mile Loop

The Twisted Sisters are three undulating roads that meander through the heart of Texas hill country, completely free of hair metal, makeup, or football pads. Unless you’re into that stuff. Also known as the Three Sisters, Ranch Road 335, 336, and 337a form a roughly 100 mile loop that boasts the perfect mix of unspoiled vistas and craggy canyons.

A Porsche Rally on the Three Sisters road in Texas.

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These dynamic and picturesque roads are also tremendously popular among motorcyclists. However, due to enthusiasts seeking to test the limits of their vehicles on the challenging twists and turns, the only thing more common on these roads than crashes are speed traps.

The clear Frio River alongside the Twisted Sisters

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The views are spectacular and the roads are filled with switchbacks and extended straightaways, but there aren’t many conveniences along the way, so make sure to plan for gas and food ahead of time. These three, twisting strips of pavement are a phenomenal experience, and they’re not the only driver’s roads in the area; nearby Utopia and Hunt, Texas, both have their own rural road trips around the Twisted Sisters. If you’re interested in exploring all of these roads and the beautiful Texas hill country in a vintage car, consider signing up for the Texas 1000 vintage rally.

The craggy canyon that can be seen from the Twisted Sisters

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