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New Model Perspective 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ferrari has introduced the new 812 Superfast; a front-engine, 12-cylinder salute to the company’s 70th year of making automobiles.

Twelve Classic Cars For Christmas

We’ve assembled our “12 Classics Cars of Christmas” with cars that inspire lust but won’t end up gathering dust in the garage. A few, admittedly, may also bring back Santa’s own memories searching in every store only to find all have been sold. We even included a few stocking stuffers for family enjoyment.

Newmp Ferrarigtc4lusso

While Ferrari calls the GTC4Lusso a “new four seater,” it is of course the revamped FF, the marque’s all-season GT and its first car with all-wheel drive. The FF proved that a properly equipped high-speed GT could do what most drivers use a luxury SUV to do, only much faster.