Model Masterpiece: Intermeccanica Italia

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From that group came remarkably fast and occasionally stunningly beautiful machines. The Intermeccanica Italia certainly fits both descriptors. Its connection to America includes not only the Ford powertrain, but also its designer. Like many of the Euro-American “hybrids,” as they were often called in the pre-Prius days, its production followed an occasionally bumpy road.

Model Masterpiece: Porsche 911 RS America

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The RS America was one for the purists, and just 701 were made. The upshot today: Hagerty shows an average value of $204,000 for an “excellent” condition RS America, or about four times the average value for an “excellent” condition Carrera 2 of the same vintage.

Model Perspective: Ferrari 488 Pista Spider

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You knew it was coming. Ferrari’s introduction of the 488 Pista Spider at Pebble Beach this past August followed the coupe version introduced last March. But if you follow Ferrari, you knew long ago that both were coming. It’s been Ferrari’s pattern to offer stripped-down track versions of its mid-engine V8 models since the 360 Challenge Stradale 15 years ago.

Model Masterpiece: Lancia Stratos HF

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Google “Lancia Stratos revival” and a number of stories pop up, giving you an idea of the enthusiasm still burning for this 40+ year-old sports car. The revivals never seem to happen, but the originals keep on generating more and more interest.

Model Preview: McLaren Speedtail

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McLaren recently showed its next Ultimate Series car, the Speedtail, to customers who committed to buying the 106 cars to be built. That’s (intentionally) the same number of F1s made, and, like that seminal supercar, the Speedtail puts the driver in the middle, flanked by a passenger seat on either side.