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Lamborghini Murciélago interior with manual transmission

You can’t get a manual transmission from Ferrari or Lamborghini today, but collectors are willing to pay hefty premiums for their last stick-shift models. This trend specifically applies to the cars that offered the choice between the real manual and the “robotized” manual, which Ferrari called F1 and Lamborghini called E-Gear. Today, a Ferrari F430 with the stick-shift can command a 100% premium over the F1 model. Some independent shops are even providing conversions back to full manual transmissions. Is that a wise purchase?

Newmp Porsche911r

Porsche did not need to build the 911 R, which it unveiled at the Geneva Motor show. It is a gift to the purists – or at least their memory – who would not let the 911 die in the 1980s. The profit on the 991 cars to be built, while certainly not pfennigs, is going to be small compared to a fleet of Panameras