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We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions about leasing on a no-obligation basis. Please contact us at any time. Our Regional Sales Managers are available 24/7 to respond to calls and emails.

We don’t think leasing makes sense for every situation. We do believe, however, that you should consider all your financing options when purchasing a vehicle. And leasing is an extremely viable option for many people.

The #1 myth regarding leasing is that it is complicated, restrictive and costly. Most people don’t understand the difference between traditional “closed-end” leasing, and the type of specialty leasing that Premier offers through our Simple Lease, which features: Full disclosure with transparent lease terms, and no hidden fees An early termination option with a favorable […]

There are no restrictions on where you buy your car. Premier’s customers purchase cars from all over the world. They buy cars from dealers, private parties, brokers, auction houses, and even eBay. Premier is not in the business of buying, selling or trading cars. Our sole mission is to make it easy for people to […]

Premier’s clients include some of the wealthiest and most successful business people in the world, and confidentiality is extremely important to them. Our lease arrangements are private transactions, and we maintain the highest levels of security and confidentiality to safeguard our clients’ financial information. Unless you request it, we will not report any aspect of […]

For an expensive vehicle, the state sales tax can be substantial. With a lease, in most states, sales tax can be incorporated into the monthly payment schedule. This provides the car owner with the use of that money over the term of the lease. More significantly, if the car is leased under a business name, […]

Transparency is one of our hallmarks, and there are never hidden fees in our lease agreements. At the end of your lease term, the balance due consists of the agreed-upon residual value, the stated disposition fee and any applicable sales tax if you are purchasing the car. By configuring our leases this way, there are […]

These are two advantages of Premier’s Simple Lease: ONE:  Our Early Termination Program allows you to end your lease early by paying the balance owed, which is calculated on a simple interest formula. TWO:  You can switch cars within your lease at any time, simply by paying any difference in value between the two cars. […]

We’ve designed a simple, fast, 4-Step Process for you to drive the car you want: ONE: Select your car, and together we agree on its lease-end residual value. (You’ll make payments based on the difference between the amount you finance and the car’s residual value.) Click here to get a quote. TWO: You can submit […]

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