How does the lease application process work?

We’ve designed a simple, fast, 4-Step Process for you to drive the car you want:

ONE: Select your car, and together we agree on its lease-end residual value. (You’ll make payments based on the difference between the amount you finance and the car’s residual value.) Click here to get a quote.

TWO: You can submit your lease application through a dealer, or click here to apply directly. We have a fast approval process, and most often it’s a same-day response.

THREE: Once approved, we expedite your car’s delivery. We send your lease electronically, and you simply e-sign. Once you add the new vehicle to your insurance policy, your part is complete.

We fund the transaction and pay the dealer, private seller or auction house. We also handle all vehicle documentation and registration details, regardless of where your car is purchased. Once that paperwork is in order, you can take delivery of your dream car.