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At the outset, we agree on a lease-end residual value for your car. While your lease is in place, you make payments based on the difference between the amount financed and that residual value. When your lease expires, you have four options: Pay the residual and own the car Sell the car privately, pay the […]

The Federal government requires that all standardized lease agreements must be written to include mileage limitations. However, by satisfying the terms of the lease agreement, all mileage charges will be waived by Premier.

Down payments for leases will vary, depending on the type of vehicle you are interested in, the price of the vehicle, and your credit rating. Click here to get a quote.

Absolutely. You can lease any new or previously owned exotic, vintage or luxury car that’s worth more than $75,000, purchased from any dealer, private seller or at auction anywhere in the world

Specialty leasing – our business here at Premier – is far more customized and flexible than traditional leasing. Premier’s Simple Lease is designed for serious car enthusiasts and collectors who want to drive more car for their money, to end their lease at any time, and to enjoy a high level of customer service from […]

Traditional closed-end leasing – offered by most car manufacturers – is based on a rental concept. A lessee pays an upfront fee and monthly payments for a fixed period of time. There are mileage limitations; hefty penalties for early termination; and the vehicle is eventually returned. This type of rigid arrangement is unsuitable for most […]

The use of “specialty” leasing of exotic, vintage and luxury cars (what we do at Premier) is a viable financing option for several reasons: Make lower monthly payments Drive more car for your money Preserve your capital for other investments Deduct payments if your car is used for business purposes Pay sales tax monthly (in […]

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