Our Residual Values Interview with Vu Nguyen: “It’s not the cars. It’s the people.”

Porsche Club of America’s Executive Director Shares His Story Again

The ClassicCars.com Journal’s feature on car clubs re-purposed our “Residual Values” interview with Porsche Club of America’s Vu Nguyen. We appreciated the coverage. As Vu pointed out to us, Porsche Club of America (PCA) is very different from other types of car clubs. Notably, you need to own a Porsche to become a PCA member.

One of Vu’s favorite explanations of PCA is that, “It’s not about the cars. It’s about the people.”  Vu claims that when you buy your Porsche, you’re excited about it, and you talk about it… but at some point, people who don’t have a shared experience grow tired of hearing about your car. 

According to Vu, when you join PCA, it’s an opportunity to discover like-minded people who are interested in your Porsche experience, and who want to share theirs with you. You meet people with a similar devotion to the Porsche brand, as well as similar personal interests. That’s the secret of PCA’s longevity and success.

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