What “We’re In This Together” Means at Premier

One of the cornerstones of our business is that our employees come first. That may seem contrary to the traditional “clients are our priority”company motto. Our reasoning is simple; we believe a team that feels respected and supported will always deliver superior results for clients.

Over the past 23 years, we’ve worked very hard to build and nurture an internal culture in which our people work together like family members, rather than company employees. We’ve also walked that talk, by creating an Employee Stock Ownership Plan that enables our team members to share in Premier’s long-term growth.

We see a significant “return” on that investment in our people, in the many ways the Premier team thinks and acts on a daily basis.

Mitch Katz

Last summer, for example, a tornado ripped through our section of Connecticut, knocking out local power and our lines of communication for several days. For a company like Premier, that conducts its business on a national basis, that storm could have dealt a devastating blow in terms of the lease transactions that were in progress and our servicing of other client needs. More importantly, a prolonged shutdown might have damaged our long-term brand reputation, in terms of reliability and business continuity.

Instead, our team responded immediately and creatively in the storm’s aftermath. They quickly located power sources, reconfigured our computer and phone systems, and worked from remote locations, so that we never skipped a beat, in terms of our ability to serve clients.

As it turns out, that tornado appears to havebeen a dress rehearsal for the current crisis. Once again, all of our team members have stepped up to the plate to deliver an uninterrupted level of client service. I’m proud to report that, since the very outset of the current state-imposed workplace closures, Premier has continued to address the needs of both new and existing clients. Operating from their home offices, kitchens, basements or bedrooms, all of our people have been able to perform (safely and effectively) every one of Premier’s necessary business functions…from financing purchases of dream cars, to handling all the many details of ownership.

The simple truth is that, at Premier Financial Services, we have always “Been in This Together.”

You have the assurance of our entire team that the meaning of this nowpopular phrase will always involve delivering a concierge level of service to our clients.

Our best wishes for a safe and enjoyable Spring and Summer, despite current conditions. As always, let us know how we can be of help to you.

Stay Well
Mitch Katz
Preident & CEO