Buying Your Dream Car At Auction


Here’s Issue #3 in our Dream Car Series:

“Buying your Dream Car at Auction”

There are all kinds of ways to buy your new or previously owned exotic, vintage or luxury “dream car.” So we created a 5-part series to pass that information along to serious car enthusiasts like you.

Last month, we covered buying from a Consignment Dealer. In the coming months, our “Buying Your Dream Car” series will also include:

  • Brokers
  • Financing

In Issue #3 on Buying at Auction, you’ll learn to:

  • Do your homework on any car you’re bidding on
  • Obtain pre-approval for financing or leasing
  • Set a maximum bidding price and stick to it
  • If selling, give the auction house enough time to market your car
  • Detail your car, buy a new battery and put on authentic tires

Click here to read Issue #3: Buying your Dream Car at Auction

Be on the lookout for future issues on our new series, and if you have any questions about buying your dream car at any time, we’re happy to provide guidance.