The Concorso Italiano 2018

The Concorso Italiano

When: Saturday, August 25th, 2018

Where: Black Horse Golf Course – 1 McClure Way, Seaside, California

Admission: $180

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Lease a red Alfa Romea
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Beauty on Wheels

A number of automotive events have flourished in the light cast by the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Perhaps none so vigorously as the Concorso Italiano. Over the last 33 years, the Concorso has grown to be the world’s largest display of Italian cars with nearly 1000 vehicles expected. In the vein of the Porsche Werks Reunion, the Concorso is an inclusive forum for enthusiasts and owners. Further, it features everything from the opulent LaFerrari to the humble FIAT 500.

Lease a yellow De Tomaso Mangusta
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The Concorso Italiano celebrates Italy’s role in elevating the automobile from a utilitarian conveyance to a work of art. Therefore, on display are the masterworks of styling houses like Pininfarina and Ghia. Alongside, and often on top of, the mechanical artistry of marques like Ferrari and Maserati. Further, the provocative angles of one-offs and concept cars stand paces away from chrome-trimmed hood scoops and streamlined post-war bodywork. The manicured greens of the Black Horse Golf Course act as easel to lines of daring Lamborghinis like the Countach, that remain radical decades after their release. But not all of the show’s entrants are bedroom pinups; equal esteem is held for the likes of the FIAT Multipla and 124 Spider that brought automotive flavor to the people.

The finest of these autos will compete for the Concorso’s highest honors, the Best of Show ribbon and La Bella Macchina award. In addition, this year, special attention is on the performance and subtle beauty of Alfa Romeo’s 4-door sedans.

Lease a red Lamborghini Countach
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From Ogling to Ownership

Dealers and manufacturers flock to the Concorso Italiano, showing the latest achievements of that boot-shaped peninsula. Likewise, should you be moved by the growl of an F12berlinetta or the aggressive stance of an Aventador, Premier Financial Services is here to help. Our Simple Lease makes it easy to herd a prancing horse or raging bull into your garage.

Lease a Lamborghini Aventador SV
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