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Premier Financial Services tailors every exotic or luxury car lease to the individual financing needs of each customer. Leasing an exotic or luxury vehicle with The PFS Simple Lease provides a flexible, simple financing option for car enthusiasts.

Financing your next vehicle lease with The PFS Simple Lease will enable you to:

Our goal is to provide quality customer service with transparent lease financing terms to our clients. The PFS Simple Lease is the fastest and most flexible way to drive what you want, when you want.

Time for a New Ride?

The PFS Simple Lease offers all our customers two unique options when they want to change cars:

1) Early Termination Program

If you wish to end your lease prior to expiration, you simply pay the balance owed anytime, which is calculated using a simple interest formula. Once payment is made, the lease is terminated.

2) Switching Cars

You may substitute cars within your existing lease without penalty simply by paying any difference in value between the two vehicles. The lease’s residual value and your lease payments remain the same.

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