Vintage Corner – Lancia Flaminia GT 3C Coupe

1962 Lancia Flavia

At least once a month I find a way to justify getting on an airplane and heading out of Southern California to a car event, auction or a place where I can visit a customer or two, stay up-to-date on asking and selling prices and ultimately to buy some cars.  New inventory is the life-blood of a vintage car dealership…

Vintage Corner – Ferrari 365 GTC, Best Test Drive of All Time

Yesterday, while test-driving an XK 120, the gearbox magically decided that second gear was NOT an option.  What is it about test drives that makes cars do things they have never done before?  I’ve driven 500 miles in that XK 120 and they’ve all been free of the tension and worry that I associate with Jaguars of any year.  I’ve…

Vintage Corner: Jaguar XK 120

1948 Jaguar XK120

As the collector car market continues to do well, I am repeatedly asked what I believe will be the next car to fall into favor and achieve a large increase in value.  Of course I have ideas from time to time and of course I act on them.  I’m pleased that I chose to purchase a Shelby 289 Cobra last…

The Vintage Corner – You don’t need fancy to be fulfilled

Porsche 356

Admit it. You’ve enjoyed an extraordinary, five-star dinner and thought, That was the best meal ever! The chef must be a genius, a food god! How will my palette ever be that satiated again? Then, hours later, you find yourself reaching into your freezer, eating a frozen Oreo, and the exact same feeling comes over the exact same palette.