Residual Values: Interview with Dave Magers, CEO of Mecum Auctions

“ We don’t spend any time or energy paying any attention at all to what other auction companies are doing, or trying to compete with them.”

Dave Magers spent the first 37 years of his career working in the financial services industry, and before joining Mecum Auctions, he served as Chief Financial Officer for a $25 billion company. Despite his CPA credentials, Dave was always a hard core “car guy,” with a grandfather and three uncles who were mechanics at a Chevrolet garage, and a dad “who never met a car he didn’t love.” So when Dana Mecum offered Dave the opportunity to join his company as its CEO, there wasn’t much hesitation. In 2013, Dave followed his passion for cars, and over the past 8 years he’s applied his deep financial and management skills to help Mecum Auctions continue to grow its unique franchise in the world of car auctions.

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