Alexis Chacchia Celebrates 20 Years: Connecting All the Dots at PFS

Alexis Shares Insights Into Her Career and Passion for Empowering People

Alexis Chacchia Interview Family Album

When Alexis joined Premier in 2000, she had already worked in her family’s small business, and also had held managerial positions with national companies. So as its 5th employee, Alexis came well prepared to apply her operational experience and strong work ethic at the young company.

Our interview with Alexis covers highlights of her professional and personal life, including:

  • Growing up in a family culture that “just got things done.”
  • Her experiences working for several well-known companies
  • Ways that she has helped to “connect the dots” at PFS
  • Her passion for helping other people to succeed
  • Insights outside of PFS, including history, world religions and teaching

This issue of the Premier Family Album celebrates Alexis and her many contributions to our company and clients. We think that you’ll enjoy learning more about how she’s helps to make Premier the industry leader in lease financing.

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