Lease a Bugatti with Premier

The Premier Financial Services’ Simple Lease is the fastest, most flexible way to start driving what you want, when you want. In six simple steps, you could be driving the exotic or classic car you’ve always wanted.

Step 1: Select your Car

Select your car from anywhere in the country, whether it be from a dealership, private owner, or at auction. Most of our leases are for exotic, vintage, collector and luxury vehicles, but we can finance any car with a value greater than $50,000.

Step 2: Establishing Lease Finance Terms

We agree on a lease-end residual value for your car, and while the lease is in place, you make payments based on the difference between the amount financed and the residual value. Click here to get a quote.

Step 3: Submit your Lease Application

Click here to apply now or submit a lease application through the dealer for a fast-approval process.

Step 4: Sign your Lease Contracts

We will expedite the delivery of your vehicle by providing leases electronically. Simply e-sign your vehicle lease and the contracts are received immediately by Premier fully completed and ready to fund. Notify your insurance agent to add the new vehicle to your policy and your part is complete.

Step 5: Take Delivery

Premier funds the selling dealer, private seller or auction house immediately upon receipt of executed vehicle lease contracts, vehicle and registration documentation, and a properly endorsed certificate of insurance.

Step 6: Lease Expiration

When your lease expires, you have four options:

  • Pay the residual and own the car
  • Sell the car, pay the residual, and keep any difference
  • Trade the car into a dealer who pays the residual and you keep any difference
  • Refinance the residual through a new lease without a large cash outlay and continue to own the car

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