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Weekend Events July 1 – 4, 2016

There are few better ways to celebrate the birth of the United States than with a car show, and there’s no better time than a long weekend at the peak of the summer. Whether you prefer the raw muscle of a Ford GT or the svelte lines of a Ferrari 250 GT/L, the freedom of the open road has long been a hallmark of the American ethos.

Weekend Events May 28 – 30, 2016

Automotive events are popping up all over the country to honor those who have fallen in our country’s service and take advantage of the long weekend. With temperatures finally reaching that pre-summer sweet spot, it’s the perfect time to give that garage queen a little sun.

Weekendevents May21 22,2016

This beautiful spring weekend is the perfect excuse to shine your car and head over to the motoring event nearest you. Here are just a few of the automotive events being held this weekend, for those in favor of celebrating spring with their hoods open and scissor doors up.

Weekendevents March5 6,2016

With winter drawing to a close, time has come to take that car out of the garage – or just revel in the season of chrome and convertibles. Not going to Amelia? No problem, here are some great events for getting your automotive fix this weekend.