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Cars To Watch Hershey 2016

The Elegance At Hershey brings with it an auction selling select pieces of stately automobile art. Presented by The Finest Automobile Auctions, this aptly named auction house is offering a small, but distinguished, docket on the Saturday preceding the concours.

The Elegance At Hershey 2016

This weekend, the finest quality collector and special interest automobiles from before 1960 assemble in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The main event kicks off Sunday amidst the well-groomed topiary of The Hotel Hershey.

Carstowatch Rmsothebys2015hersheyauction

The RM Sothebys 2015 Hershey Auction is known for its presentation of exceptional Brass and Classic Era motor cars, with a strong emphasis on significant American marques.