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Supercar highlights this year include a McLaren Senna, Saleen S7, three Ford GT’s,two McLaren 650’s a SRT Viper GTS, and a Dodge Viper at the 49th edition of Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale.


The Scottsdale and Amelia auctions have piqued your interest in adding to your car collection, but what if you need to sell one of your current cars to make the new acquisition possible? Vintage, classic, and exotic cars which are owned as investments or for use in a trade or business are eligible for tax deferral through a 1031 exchange.

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The Nethercutt Museum offers a walk through the history of the automobile, showcasing over 130 pre-1970 cars broken into categories based on era of production. Next door, The Nethercutt Collection occupies the museum’s former residence, with four floors of only the finest antiques.