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Festivalsofspeed Stpetersburg

This weekend’s 12th annual St. Petersburg car show is one of the four Festivals of Speed that Florida plays host to every year. Hundreds of exotics and homegrown performance machines garner the attention of over 15,000 attendees, making any FOS display worth a trip.

Weekendevents March19 20,2016

This is the perfect weekend to take advantage of the meek March temperatures and brush up on all things automotive. While there’s a lull in major car events as many are still sleeping off Amelia or gearing up for the New York Auto Show, there are still local opportunities to get that weekly injection of petrol.

Festivalsofspeed Ameliaisland2016

Festivals of Speed celebrates its fourth year of providing the Amelia Island weekend with an upscale festival for as many as 20,000 enthusiasts with a thirst for speed. The varied roster of show cars offers something for every niche of the automotive interest.

2016carsforthecure February13th

This Saturday, February 13th is the 12th annual “Cars for the Cure” auto show. This sprawling event has over 150 super cars, exotics and highly-tuned GTs hedging the streets of the Colonial TownPark in Lake Mary, Florida.