Sheri Hoyt

PFS Responsibilities: “My primary responsibilities include budgeting and all aspects of accounts payable. Like at many other companies, my job can also extend beyond my assigned accounting tasks. I will help out in other areas when it’s needed. 

Working at PFS: “The most interesting part of working at PFS is the opportunity to work closely with all departments in the company. This has provided me with a broader perspective on all aspects of the business.”

Personal Life: “I enjoy a broad range of activities including tennis, hiking, and yard work. In addition, just about anything that gets me outdoors and helps keep me in shape.”

Dream Car: “I can definitely see myself in a red Aston Martin Vintage Convertible. That would be great fun!”

Sheri’s Insight for PFS Clients: “It’s important for our clients and dealers to understand that our culture is built on personal service; and we deliver that service better than any other company.”

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