Samuel Medina

PFS Responsibilities: “As the Payment Processing Specialist, I am responsible for managing all parts of our payment process when it comes to our leases. Along with this, I consistently look for ways to automate and improve our processes to become more accurate and efficient.”

Working at PFS: “Great teamwork is something that comes to mind when thinking about working at PFS. The ability to reach out to different individuals in different departments and work together toward a common goal is something we do very well and makes working for PFS a pleasure.”

Personal Life: “I am a man of faith and very involved in my local church. I serve as the media director and will be transitioning to become the treasurer. One passion of mine is table tennis or ping pong. I have been training and competing in tournaments all throughout the east coast of the US for the past 10 years and enjoy giving back by teaching others in my local community how to develop their skill and play at a higher level.”

Dream Car “My dream car would definitely have to be the 1967 Ford Mustang GT500. I got the pleasure of driving one when I was 18 years old and fell in love ever since!”

Insights for PFS Clients “Coming from a background in personalized customer service, PFS is really number one in the industry when it comes to handling each and every client in a personal way. We strive in making your experience one that keeps you coming back again and again.”