Ross Dressel

PFS Responsibilities: “Everyday, I apply my passion for cars, customer focus, and attention to detail, to ensure the success of every transaction for clients and dealers. Prior to starting with Premier, I served clients at one of Michigan’s most respected dealerships for 14 years and have first-hand experience in nearly every aspect of the automotive business.”

Working at PFS: “After working in a dealer atmosphere for 25 years, I was apprehensive to make a move away from what had been my career path for so long. Having done business with Premier, I knew they were a unique company that valued teamwork above all else, so I jumped on board. My colleagues work to ensure the best service for all our clients. I am proud to be on the front line, meeting dealers as well as clients, and to be an advocate for both.”

Personal Life: “In addition to my passion for cars, I enjoy traveling to visit friends and family, seeing historical sites, and experiencing new cultures. I’ve traveled to several countries around the world, and to nearly every state in the union.”

Dream Car: “As a “car nut,” it’s very hard to pick just one vehicle, but in the mid 1980s, three cars arrived on the scene that solidified my love of exotic and specialty makes: the Porsche 959, the Ferrari 288 GTO, and the Ruf CTR Yellowbird.

Ross’s Insights for PFS Clients: “We are much more than just a leasing company: we’re a family as well as personal bankers for your automotive dreams. We do what we do out of genuine passion and interest in crafting a transaction that makes sense for our clients. We have a wide network of existing dealer partnerships, and our repeat clientele is significant.”

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