Michelle Yancey

PFS Responsibilities: “I work hard to ensure that every transaction is a win-win by offering a flexible leasing option that best serves my client’s financial objectives. I always share the excitement when a client takes delivery of their car and drives away happy.”

Working at PFS: “I’ve worked at other automotive companies, but have never worked for an organization that places such a high degree of importance on customer service. Premier’s internal support team enables me to deliver an unmatched level of service to all of my customers.”

Personal Life: “I was born and raised in Dallas. My husband and I love to travel, enjoy boating, and are dog lovers who have adopted three rescues. We are also both musicians, and frequently perform with the “BYO Musicians Network,” which is a 501c3 organization that helps local charities to raise money. My husband plays bass and guitar, and I provide vocals for the band.”

Dream Car: “I’ve always loved muscle cars – vintage Ford Mustangs in particular. I already own and drive my dream car, which is a 1967 Mustang Fastback GT, like the one Steve McQueen drove in the movie Bullitt.”

Michelle’s Insights for PFS Clients: “If you have a car that you really love, you should consider keeping it, and leasing another car, rather than trading it in. I’ve had many customers who have regretted trading in cars that they love. One customer even bought the same car three times.”

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