Lisa James

PFS Responsibilities: “I am the firm’s Risk Manager, but have worked in almost every department in the company over the years. As a result I am able to assist in many other areas.”

Working at PFS: “As a professional, I’ve only worked at two companies: IBM and Premier.  IBM provided a great foundation at the start of my career.  Premier is much more intimate and I enjoy being part of a cohesive group that works so well together. We are all equals here, and our ideas are always heard.”

Personal Life: “I love life and try to enjoy it to the fullest, whether kayaking on the Connecticut shore, bicycle riding in beautiful Litchfield County, or simply grabbing a homemade ice-cream cone at Arethusa’s. I enjoy spending time with my fiancé and my daughter when she is home.”

Dream Car: “I’d love to own a 1938 Lincoln LeBaron Roadster convertible in blue.  The car is beautiful, and it would be really cool to go back in time to the 1930s and drive this car.”

Lisa’s Insight for PFS Clients: “Premier will go out of its way to find a flexible solution for you.  We will work with you throughout the duration of your lease and always be there to assist.”

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