Gina Grudzien

PFS Responsibilities: “I coordinate all aspects of the Asset Management Department, which is dedicated to ensuring that our portfolio is secured at all times. In managing portfolio risk, my job is to ensure that vehicle insurance, titles, and property taxes are in proper order at all times.”

Working at PFS: “PFS emphasizes and embraces the spirit of “continuous improvement” more than any company I have worked for. We are encouraged to expand our knowledge and grow both personally and professionally here. This through the self-evaluations, annual objectives, in-office workshops, online learning, and out-of-office seminars. We are able to express our dreams and goals. PFS supports and creates a way for us to achieve them. ”

Personal Life: “I have a passion for art, history, and antiques; anything from a bygone era is fascinating to me. In college, I majored in Art History with a concentration on Early American Architecture and Antiques. I continue to read about and explore these topics in my free time. I have also channeled my artistic expression in the form of makeup artistry, and enjoy creating and sharing makeup reviews on my social media accounts.”

Dream Car: “I would love anything that looked like it came straight out of Downton Abbey. Ideally, something like a 1910 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost and a driver, of course!”

Gina’s Insight for PFS Clients: “The quality of service that Premier’s clients receive is the standard by which I now judge other companies when I am a customer myself. Our service is highly personalized, and it comes from a place of genuine care. Our clients can definitely tell the difference, and let us know they appreciate it.”

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