Chris Warren

PFS Responsibilities: “I spend a lot of time building relationships with dealers to ensure they understand how we can assist them and their clients with our industry-leading Simple Lease program. Having worked in dealerships for over 25 years, I know first-hand the challenges they face, and also what they need, in order to put customers in their dream cars.”

Working at PFS: “I joined this company after working as a dealer, so I was unsure of what working remotely would be like. What I quickly discovered was that PFS is a very close-knit organization where people care about each other, and you feel like a member of the family despite the distance between my Southeast Region and Connecticut.”

Personal Life: “I live in Tampa with my wife and twin daughters. Although we live in Florida, we’re not beach people; however, we do enjoy the theme parks and I’m an avid golfer and a big fan of soccer and hockey. I also share my clients’ passion for automobiles and speed and attend numerous motorcar events – both for business and pleasure.”

Dream Car: “My dream car would be a Ferrari 288 GTO, an automotive masterpiece that was built from 1984 – 1987 and is considered by many to be the world’s first “supercar.”

Chris’ Insights for PFS Clients: “Many people, including some dealers, still don’t know that we lease previously owned vehicles, when in fact, a significant portion of the PFS portfolio consists of pre-owned cars. We can lease any exotic, vintage, or luxury car that’s more than $75,000, regardless of age.”

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