Caroline Monteiro

PFS Responsibilities: “My role, as a member of the operations team, is to manage a broad range of projects across all departments. I partner with department managers to create project and action plans, delegate and monitor related tasks, deliverables, timeframes and budgets. I also serve as a liaison with outside vendors.”

Working at PFS: “Based on the relatively brief time I’ve been working at PFS, I already see that I will have many opportunities for growth and career development. My team is always willing to teach me about the business, and we work well together.”

Personal Life: “I was born and raised in Brazil, but have been living in America for nearly 12 years. I was married in 2019, and my husband and I have a baby daughter. Being a mother is one of the most fulfilling things I have done in my life. I love volunteering at a soup kitchen and plan to bring my daughter with me when she is older. I’m an early riser, and take a 6:00 am gym class. I’m passionate about healthy eating and fitness but all in moderation, because I also enjoy burgers and sushi.”

Dream Car: “My dream car was actually mine for a few hours at my wedding. We rented a 1950 Pontiac, and that was one of the best investments we could have made on our special day. People would look at the car and ask to take picture of it, but when they realized there was a bride and a groom sitting in the back seat, they were embarrassed. I would love to be driving one around (very slowly, of course.)”

Insights for PFS Clients: “This company takes its business very seriously. If you attended any one of our meetings, you would understand how hard PFS works to improve our customer service. I’ve worked at some very large companies, but I’ve never seen a customer-focused company like PFS.”