Tara Muraski

PFS Responsibilities: “I help oversee new initiatives, develop and deploy business improvements along with ensuring the Client Services team provides the highest level service to our clients.”

Working at PFS: “It’s personally very inspiring to join a team that is so passionate about providing first class service to clients. I’m also impressed with how well the team works together to accomplish that goal.”

Personal Life: “I enjoy spending time with my husband, our two sons and dog.  My husband and I are die hard NY Mets fans, and named our sons after Mets players. We’re hoping for a World Series win again soon!”

Dream Car: “I think Maserati Gran Turismos are beautiful. I love that convertible, even though I live in Connecticut, which has a limited number of months that you can drive with the top down.”

Insights for PFS Clients: “Premier has decades of experience, and a wealth of knowledge that can be very helpful for serious car enthusiasts. You won’t find another company like Premier anywhere.”