Day at the Museum: Simeone Automotive Museum

Lease a Ferrari 250 GTO

The result of 50 years of collecting race cars and their consumer counterparts, Fred Simeone’s Museum is a celebration of the automobile. The museum is themed on the evolution of the racing sports car, showcasing the developments that never caught on as well as the icons that shaped the automotive world.

Day at the Museum: Mullin Automotive Museum

Finance an Antique Car

In 2010, philanthropist Peter Mullin established all 46,000 square feet of this museum as a celebration of the art and automobiles of pre-war France. The museum is filled with rare examples from marques like Talbot-Lago, Delahaye, and Bugatti, amounting to one of the largest collections of French automobiles from the pre-war era.

Day at the Museum: The Nethercutt Collection

Vintage cars at the Nethercutt Museum

The Nethercutt Museum offers a walk through the history of the automobile, showcasing over 130 pre-1970 cars broken into categories based on era of production. Next door, The Nethercutt Collection occupies the museum’s former residence, with four floors of only the finest antiques.

Day at the Museum: Petersen Automotive Museum

Petersen's Artistry Exhibition

Since 1994, all 100,000 square feet of the Petersen Automotive Museum have occupied the well-travelled corner of Fairfax Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles’ famous “Miracle Mile.” The brainchild of the late Robert E. Petersen, the museum focuses on sharing his passion for the automobile and exploring its impact on American culture.

Day at the Porsche Museum – Stuttgart, Germany

Leasing a Porsche

If the falling euro is not reason enough to travel to Europe this year, the Porsche Museum just might offer enough to make sure your passport is current. Be sure to make your reservations before your arrival!  Let’s take a peek at the museum’s history as well as what’s inside this architectural masterpiece.

Located in the Zuffenhausen district…