Buying & Selling Tips

Buying Your Dream Car From A Private Seller

If you're looking to buy from a private seller, here are some tips:

  • Be prepared to act quickly, but not hastily
  • Become comfortable with online auctions
  • Make sure to look beyond the CARFAX report
  • Stay aware of hidden problems like flooding
  • Be willing to walk away
  • Make buying a car an adventure

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Auction Etiquette 101

If you're looking to bid at an auction, here are some etiquette tips:

  • Don’t jump in the pool right away
  • Get pre-approval before you show up
  • Don’t follow the herd
  • Do your homework, and ask for help
  • Set a maximum bid price, and stick to it
  • Talk to the auction staff
  • Avoid the bidding drama
  • Be seated and be quiet
  • Wait till after the auction ends to celebrate

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Buying Your Dream Car At Auction

If you're looking to buy at an auction, here are some tips:

  • Do your homework on any car you’re bidding on
  • Obtain pre-approval for financing or leasing
  • Set a maximum bidding price and stick to it
  • If selling, give the auction house enough time to market your car
  • Detail your car, buy a new battery and put on authentic tires

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Financing Your Dream Car

If you're looking to finance your car, here are some tips:

  • For some buyers, cash is king. But they should explore all options
  • Low monthly payments often involve long duration financing
  • Traditional closed-end leasing will not work for all exotic & vintage owners
  • Leasing can be a viable option for previously owned exotics & classics
  • Purchase a car because you will enjoy driving it, not as an investment opportunity

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Buying Your Dream Car from a Consignment Dealer

If you're looking to buy from a dealer, here are some tips:

  • Make sure to get all fees up front, and in writing
  • Look for certified late model cars of the marque you like
  • For classics, work with a dealer that knows your model well
  • Seek good counsel on market-correct pricing
  • Always get a third-party inspection. Always.

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