Industry Interview: Martin Button

Very few people who attend automotive events ever consider how those rare and expensive cars arrived there. But that’s mostly what Martin Button thinks about every day. For nearly four decades, Martin and his team at Cosdel International Transportation have been responsible for shipping automotive masterpieces to industry events around the world, in a safe and timely manner. Based on his personal passion for classic cars, and on his willingness to do whatever is necessary for clients, Martin has established Cosdel’s reputation as the firm to call for reliable and “invisible” transportation services.

In this interview, Martin explains:

  • How Cosdel went from shipping canned fruit, walnuts and prunes to shipping the world’s most expensive cars.
  • The most significant risks involved in shipping cars, and how he minimizes those risks.
  • Why the favorite car in his personal collection is a Jaguar SS100.
  • His special connection with the Pebble Beach Concours, and why it’s the one day “he lives for” each year.

To learn more about Martin, and how he’s built a highly successful business that also sustains his life-long passion for classic cars, click here to read our entire interview.


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