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Yes, Premier Financial Services is on Dealertrack®. You can streamline the application process by submitting through Dealertrack®, the nation’s #1 dealer-based financing tool. We provide the best of both worlds: the speed and ease of Dealertrack,® combined with the service excellence of Premier.

We have established an unmatched reputation for integrity, financial transparency, accountability and customer service. Dealers who work with us know that we are an honest, reliable and trustworthy business partner. In terms of business culture, we are known for sense of urgency, follow-through and consistency in responding to all communications.

Our clients are High Net Worth individuals, and most are successful professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners. They are sophisticated, serious car enthusiasts. For many of them, cars are much more than a means of transportation. They appreciate automotive excellence, frequently change vehicles, and many own several cars at the same time. Premier has created a […]

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