Alexis Chacchia Vice President of OperationsAlexis Chacchia

Vice President of Operations – Joined PFS in 2000

PFS Responsibilities: “I started at PFS as a part-time receptionist – Premier’s 5th employee – and now handle the operational responsibilities for every aspect of running the company, with the exception of Accounting.”

Working at PFS:   “The most rewarding part of my job is helping others achieve their goals, whether that involves a client getting the car of their dreams; a co-worker achieving a promotion, or our staff overcoming obstacles. I also enjoy the variety of work that we do, and the freedom that allows us to provide customized solutions for clients. We are not a cookie-cutter business.”

Personal Life: “I’m an avid reader, history buff and self-confessed overachiever. I’m the mother of two: one is heading to Florence, Italy as an artist/painter working on her MFA; the other a tennis player, chess champion and New York Yankees fanatic.  My husband and I enjoy travel, good wine and great food, he is a wonderful chef. I teach biblical studies at St. Thomas Seminary in Hartford, CT two nights a week, which is a real passion for me. For over 10 years, I have led a service ministry called Sandwich Saturday for our local homeless shelter.”

Dream Car: “I’d love to own a 1937 Talbot Lago, but would need a full-time mechanic to be included in the deal.”

Alexis’ Insight for PFS Clients: “We are most successful when a dealer or client works with us as a true partner in their acquisition process. We are highly experienced in our field and can be a great resource, especially when the client allows us to fully explore their financing options.”