Suzanne de Bary, Our Operations Manager, Celebrates 16 Years at Premier

Suzy Shares her story of Career, Coaching and Kept Secrets

Suzanne de Bary

Most successful teams have an individual who steps up; not only performing their own job well, but also coaching and inspiring team members to succeed. Suzy de Bary has always played that role at Premier, which she describes as her “passion in life.” Learn more about:

Our interview with Suzy covers highlights of her professional and personal life, including:

  • How her love for the game of softball helped to shape her view of the world and career path
  • The range of circumstances — including a financial crisis and a tornado — that provided opportunities to broaden her range of skills
  • Her simple (and often overlooked) advice that immediately fixes most problems with technology
  • The amazing secret that she kept from her Premier team members for more than 2 years
  • Her contrarian rationale on why Millennials can make make great employees

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