Financing Your Dream Car


Here’s Issue #4 in our Dream Car Series:

“Financing Your Dream Car”

Which form of financing is right for you? This final edition of our “Buy / Sell” series examines key considerations in financing a classic or exotic car. It also provides some comfort for private sellers, who might mistakenly believe that a buyer’s financing arrangement can affect the pricing or speed of the transaction.

We never suggest that leasing is appropriate for every situation. It’s simply another tool in the tool box to finance a car.

In Issue #4 on Financing Your Dream Car, you’ll learn to:

  • For some buyers, cash is king. But they should explore all options.
  • Low monthly payments often involve long duration financing.
  • Traditional closed-end leasing will not work for many exotic and vintage car owners.
  • Leasing can be a viable option for previously owned exotic and classic cars.
  • Purchase a car because you will enjoy driving it, not as an investment opportunity.

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