Industry Interview: Wayne Carini

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Industry Interview: Wayne Carini

Our conversation with Wayne provides some behind-the-scenes insights into his lifetime of experience in the restoration of vintage and exotic cars. Wayne shares aspects of his world that you will never learn from watching his long-running show, Chasing Classic Cars, on the Velocity Channel.

In this interview, Wayne explains:

  • Ways that the average collector can discover classic “barn find” cars
  • Three lessons his father taught him that have shaped his life
  • Some basic “do’s & don’ts” for etiquette at a serious car auction
  • What an aspiring car enthusiast with $5,000 should be looking for
  • Why his Chasing Classic Cars show has been so successful

To learn more about Wayne and how he built his reputation as one of the most respected authorities on rare and exotic cars, click here to read our entire interview.


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