2016 Legends of the Autobahn

The Best of Teutonic Engineering

When: Friday, August 19th, 2016

Where: Nicklaus Club Monterey – 100 Pasadera Drive, Monterey, California

Admission: $20 parking permit

Contact: (864) 250-0022


Line of BMW E9s leasing
Image Source: BMW E9s (bmwblog.com)

Legends of the Autobahn

If you’re a fan of automobiles, it’s a safe bet you’ve dreamed of high-speed travel down Germany’s network of unrestricted highways.  The Autobahn continues to be an outlet for cars from sporting marques like BMW and Porsche to unleash their normally untapped potential.  It’s also the perfect route for grand touring, allowing luxurious offerings from Audi and Mercedes-Benz to see the countryside with comfort and efficiency.

Black BMW i8 doors open financing
Image Source: BMW i8 (bmwblog.com)

Legends of the Autobahn is an annual car show and Concours d’Elegance that caters specifically to the cars that were made for this legendary roadway.  The icons of German motorsport like the BMW M1 and Mercedes 300SEL 6.3 are bound to be present alongside their modern counterparts like the BMW M4 GTS and Audi R8.

Elegant cruisers like the Mercedes SL series and 280 SE will also make a showing.  Whether stripped-down and rollcaged or luxuriously appointed, these German autos were designed for continuous high-speed travel along the Autobahn. But don’t expect to see many Porsches, they’ll all be at the Werks Reunion.

Lease a blue Mercedes-Benz 300S
Image Source: Mercedes 300S (sportscardigest.com)

The Concours

Concours classes are reserved for cars from the three featured marques – Mercedes, Audi, and BMW – whose clubs sponsor the event.  But all German made cars are accepted, from Amphicars to Volkswagens, and spectators are welcome.

With so much to choose from during Monterey Car Week, the show still attracts over 400 show cars and thousands of spectators.  The show has also caught the attention of BMW, who debuted the Zagato Z4 concept there in 2012.  If you’re interested, this is the year to go; there should be blue and white insignias crawling out of the woodwork for BMW’s centennial.

Lease a black Mercedes-Benz 190 SL
Image Source: Mercedes-Benz 190 SL (sportscardigest.com)

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