2016 Concorso Italiano

Concorso Italiano at Monterey

When: Saturday, August 20th, 2016

Where: Black Horse Golf Course – 1 McClure Way, Seaside, California

Admission: $170

Contact[email protected]


Lease a maroon Ferrari 275 GTB

Image Source: Ferrari 275 GTB (concorso.com)

Where Every Car is Stylish

Every year since 1991, Concorso Italiano has provided a stage for contemporary Italian exotics to meet their svelte forebears. While the event has certainly burgeoned, the formula remains the same; multi-colored lines of Lamborghinis with doors held aloft sidled up next to rows of vintage Ferrari clothed in racing red.  From Pininfarina’s elegant curves to the bold wedges of Bertone, all of Italy’s renowned marques and styling houses find more than ample representation in the field of over 800 Italian cars.

Line of new and vintage Lamborghinis financing

Image Source: Lamborghinis (concorso.com)

This year’s concorso honors Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, an Italian coachbuilder famous for their work with Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo as well as their supperleggera (or super light) alloy frames.  While most shows in Monterey during Car Week can boast rare Ferraris like the Dino or 250 GT/L, only Concorso Italiano has all of them… every model in every color.

A line of colorful Ferrari Dino GTs

Image Source: Ferrari Dinos (concorso.com)

Whether you spell it spyder or spider, there’s something for everyone at Concorso Italiano, even areas for motorcycles and exotics from other parts of the world.  Though non-Italian autos are accepted, unattractive cars need not apply. The spectacle of beautiful cars pays tribute to “Italian Style,” that indefinable spirit that separates art from mere modes of conveyance. And, as with all events on the Monterey peninsula, the location is an highlight in and of itself – the perfect locale for a seaside drive in a timeless classic.

Lease a vintage Iso Griffo

Image Source: Isos (concorso.com)

All of the cars on display are prized possessions, but many, including a number of dealer-sponsored displays, are for sale.  Luckily, Premier Financial Services will be on hand among the vendors should courting turn to buying.  Our team of leasing professionals could have you driving away in the star of the show in less than 24 hours.  Be sure to stop by even if you’re not in a buying mood, we’d be happy to see you.