2016 Porsche Werks Reunion

The Porsche Werks Reunion

When: Friday, August 19th, 2016

Where:Rancho Canada Golf Club – 4860 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel, California

Admission: Free to spectators.


Lease a blue Porsche 356
Image Source: Porsche 356 (werksreunion.com)

(Mostly) Flat-Sixes in Monterey

The third annual Porsche Werks Reunion brings together Porsche Club of America members and marque enthusiasts for a day-long celebration of Stuttgart’s finest.  All Porsche owners are welcome to register to show their cars. Meanwhile the true cream-of-the-crop can compete in a Concours d’Elegance by model.  Further, the PCA is one of the largest, most active automotive clubs in America. Therefore, turnout would be spectacular even if the event wasn’t nestled in the Monterey Peninsula on Concours week.

Porsche 912 and 911 financing
Image Source: Porsche 912 (werksreunion.com)

Up to 1,000 Porsches are expected to be present at the Werks Reunion, making it Monterey Car Week’s largest gathering of Teutonic engineering. Cars considered prohibitively rare like the 914-6, 904 Carrera GTS, and 959 Komfort are all but guaranteed to be present. Model-specific car corrals ensure that even the uninitiated don’t mix up their 911s and 912s.

Lease a silver Porsche 959
Image Source: Porsche 959 (werksreunion.com)

Engines in the… Front?

This year honors the 40th anniversary of the water-cooled front-engine GTs that broke Porsche’s traditional air-cooled rear-engine mold.  These cars, like the entry-level 944 and luxurious 928, were originally snubbed by purists but have since been recognized for their revolutionary designs.  Particularly with new Panameras drawing increasingly from the 928’s heritage and styling cues, clamor for these V-8 sports cars is reflected in steadily rising values.

A red Porsche 944 and black Porsche 968
Image Source: Porsche 944 and 968 (werksreunion.com)

Premier and Porsche

In addition to the Porsches for show, there’s bound to be plenty for sale. Premier Financial Services will have a booth set up among the vendors, offering information on the Simple Lease. A solution as fitting for a new 918 Spyder as it is for a classic 356. Even if you’re not looking to acquire your own Stuttgart steel (or aluminum), be sure to stop by the booth! Our team would be happy to see you.

Lease a Porsche from the Porsche Werks Reunion
Image Source: Porsche Werks Reunion (werksreunion.com)